Pet Calming Nutrition Oil (2 pack)


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  • Hip & Joint Health: pet calming oil supports mobility & energy levels, helps strengthen the body no matter the age of your pet. Helps your buddy run wild and free again with a couple of drops of calming oil extract.
  • Calming Effect: our calming oil for dogs and cats helps with stress & anxiety during meeting new people, travelling, fireworks, thunderstorm, loud sounds.
  • Natural Ingredients: our calming oil for pets is made only from high quality ingredients. No unpleasant scent or taste, so rest assured that your pup will get natural product.
  • Allergy Support: itchy dogs are cranky dogs. Besides supporting and reinforcing your dog’s joints, calming treats for dogs and cats can soothe bad skin conditions like allergies.
  • Strong & Potent Blend: at 500,000 mg, you get more in each bottle than any other on the market. Get the full strength benefits of calming extract for lower prices and in a bottle that lasts longer.


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