Q: For which dogs are these chews suitable?
A: All our chews are suitable for dogs of any sizes, ages and breeds.

Q: Does the supplements have to be refrigerated?
A: According to the storage conditions you should store the product in dry, cool and dark place. Refrigerate after opening.

Q: Are there used any chemical additives?
A: Absolutely not. The chews are made of all-natural and high-quality ingredients with a lack of any GMOs and artificial additives.

Q: Are these dog treats soft, and chewy? My dog is very picky and prefers soft chewy treats.
A: They are very soft & chewy. It is easy to cut them into pieces.

Q: What is the recommended amount for the weight per treat?
A: We recommend the following dosage for your pets:

  • under 10 LBS: 1 chew
  • 10-30 LBS: 2 chews
  • 31-60 LBS: 3 chews
  • 61-90 LBS: 4 chews
  • over 90 LBS: 5 chews

Q: Can I give more chews than it is indicated in order to speed up the effect?
A: We recommend to begin with half of the suggested serving and gradually increase to the suggested daily amount. Then for better result you might have 1 extra chew.

Q: What if my dog accidentally eats much more than the recommended dosage?
A: Please store the chews in place without the access for the dog.
If it happens keep an eye on your pet and consult your vet to avoid overdose.

Q: Will these treats help?
A: Our chews are for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Nevertheless we understand that everything is individual. We have almost 90% of satisfied customers and we are very happy to make useful products for your lovely pets!

Q: If I get the damaged jar will the seller make a refund for me. And will it be full or partial?
A: Of course. In this case please contact us and we will make a full refund or replacement for you.

Q: How long will the delivery take?
A: Our delivery is only available in the USA. In most cases the delivery takes 3-7 days. Please take into consideration that it depends on the location. We advice our customers wait for 10 days from the date of the order. Feel free to contact us any time!

Q: If I ordered a product that is not what I wanted, can I cancel the order?
A: Yes! In such a situation you can cancel or change the order in anytime util the product is shipped.

Q: Where I can see the tracking number for my purchase?
A: Please contact us if you have some problems with the order and we will send you the tracking number.

Q: Do you cover shipping costs? if not, how much does it cost?
A: We cooperate with courier and partner services and usually offer free shipping to most of the regions and cities.
But there are some regions which are not served by our partners. In this case the customers will be charged according to the weight of the order and zone of the delivery. For more information read our Shipping Policy.

Q: I do care about my personal information, is it safe to use KinpurPetCare for shopping?
A: Of course! We follow all the international rules of privacy policy and understand the importance of this. We don’t share your personal information with third parties. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

Q: Is the refund process automatic?
A: We are always ready to make a refund. Nevertheless first of all you should contact and provide us with necessary information. Our Refund Policy 100% Money Back Guarantee

Q: Why do the pictures differ from real products?
A: We use the pictures only for illustration. There are some reasons for the difference between products and pictures:

  • we have improved out product
  • we have change the supplier
  • differences in monitors, color rending
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