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Dogs are carnivores and, it is their habit to become aggressive. However, some dogs become aggressive when they are stressed. They start biting people and hurting their owners as well. It is better to give calming supplements to your pets to keep a check on animal behavior in a positive way. The Kinpur Natural Calming Treats contain natural ingredients beneficial for your pets.

These calming chewable for dogs have natural and organic ingredients that are safe to use. These calming treats for dogs help reduce stress, anxiety, and phobias in your pets. The calming chewable for dogs by Kinpur is fortified with minerals and vitamins.

If your dog is stress-prone, you must work on boosting its immunity. For this purpose, you can use green lawn immune treats by Kinpur. Some dogs frequently urinate when they are under stress. The Kinpur Pet Care also has bladder control chews for your dogs to help you control the frequent urination of your dog

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Benefits of natural calming supplements in dogs

The calming supplements for dogs help to improve the dog's behaviors. They reduce the anxiety and fear in dogs and make them happier and playful. If your dog is anxious, then buying natural calming chews for dogs is a great solution for your pet's health.


One of the main benefits of anxiety treat for dogs is that it reduces aggression in dogs. Some dogs are naturally dominating, and they like to demonstrate it by physical aggression. The calming chews for dogs reduce the behaviors like growling and biting in the dogs.


Aggression in dogs is also indicative of stress and anxiety in dogs. The natural ingredients in these anxiety chews for dogs promote calming behavior in dogs. These natural calming treats help relax and improve mental focus in the dogs.


Some dogs are hyperactive, and they reduce fidgeting. The relaxation also helps to preserve the energy in the dogs. If your pet is hyperactive, you must use these calming chews for dogs to improve the behavior of your pets.


  • Should I give calming chews to my dog daily?
    Calming chews are good for daily use if your dog is naturally aggressive and dominant. However, if your dog becomes aggressive or stressed out during a specific activity, then you can give calming chews about an hour before that activity as well.

  • Is it safe to use calming chews in dogs?
    Yes, it is safe to use these anxiety treats for dogs. The calming chews are usually made up of natural herbs and other organic compounds. These natural ingredients do not pose any harm to these pets.

  • Do calming chews contain sedatives?
    The dog relaxation treats usually do not contain any drugs or chemicals that can cause sedation in dogs. However, there are natural herbs and organic compounds that can induce drowsiness. Your pet can feel a little sleepy and calm after taking these treats for hyper dogs.

  • For how long are the natural calming treats effective?
    Calming chews are effective for 4 to 8 hours in general. You can use these treats to calm your pets during travel and a veterinarian's visit.
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