The eye is the most delicate organ in the body. A slight change in environment can affect the functioning of the eyes of your pets. The health of the eyes tells a lot about the overall health of your pet.

Eyes are so delicate that even a slight problem will appear as discharge or redness in the eye. This discharge has various types. For example, a clear water discharge shows allergies, while a mucoid discharge shows a bacterial infection.

These eye problems left untreated can cause corneal opacity or even permanent blindness. It is necessary to treat these problems as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.


In this article, we will discuss some common eye problems in dogs.


It is the inflammation of the conjunctival lining of the eye. This problem commonly appears as the yellowish discharge crusting around the eyes. It is because of allergies, excessive heat or dryness, and tear canal damage. This tear gland blockage can be because of parasites. Washing the eyes of your dog with saline and supplement eyewash usually treats the condition.


The eyeball has three layers. The middle one of these is the cornea. The cornea is transparent, and any injury or trauma causes wounds in the cornea. This condition will cause blurry images and ulcers in the eyes. It usually manifests itself as excessive winking of the eye, watery discharge, redness, and irritation in the eye. The dog will try to rub the eye, and it will cause more damage.


It is the inflammation of the cornea that can lead to partial and complete blindness. Any impact injury or excessive dryness of the eye causes it. If it is only acute and superficial, it causes a temporary vision loss. However, deep keratitis causes aqueous flare and complete blindness. The only treatment for this condition is keratoplasty.


This condition occurs because of chronic keratitis. It has different degrees based on opacity levels. Nebula is the light cloudiness in the cornea, the macula is moderate opacity, and leucoma is a complete opacity in the cornea. It can be congenital because of the incomplete development of the corneal epithelium. It is acquired due to vitamin A deficiency in the body. This condition does not cause complete blindness.


It is the opacity of the lens because of degenerative lesions. In the initial stages, the damage is only up to the retina. However, in hyper mature stages, the lens undergoes liquefaction. This condition occurs because of electrolyte imbalances in the eye fluid. It is necessary to provide an antioxidant eye supplement to the dog to prevent this condition.


It is the inflammation of the iris and uvea of the eyes. It causes redness and cloudiness of the lens. In severe cases, the patient experience tearing of the lens and squinting of the eyes. This condition is prevalent in the canine eye and tough to treat. Therefore, it is better to prevent it. For this purpose, provide antioxidant and vitamin supplements to your pets.


Many food ingredients are beneficial to treat these eye problems in your dog. However, if your pet is unwilling to eat healthy vegetables like carrots, you can provide these nutrients with supplements.


Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the synthesis of retinol. This compound makes a protective covering on the eye, making it lubricated and improves vision. If your dog gags because of the smell of this oil, you can feed them as a supplement. Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision Complex chews are best to provide this fish oil to your dog. These chews are rich in DHA and EPA, good oils extracted from marine animals. These oils do not have any side effects on dogs. 


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that binds with the free radicals in the body and eliminates them to prevent inflammation. When the eye cells undergo inflammations, the macrophages produce free radicals to kill the pathogens. These free radicals also damage the normal cells in the eye and cause blindness. Vitamin C supplements help reduce oxidative damage and prevent blindness. Naturally, vitamin C is present in citrus fruits, but most pets can’t consume enough amounts of these fruits. You don’t need to worry because the Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision Complex Chews contain a significant amount of this magical vitamin.


Zinc is a micronutrient required for the working of the retina and choroid in the eye. Zinc, along with vitamin A modulates the signal transmission in the eye. It promotes the repair of ocular muscles and prevents many chronic diseases like glaucoma and cherry eye disease.

The best food to provide vitamins is green vegetables. However, dogs are not very fond of eating vegetables. This Complex Supplement provides zinc to ensure the eye health of your dog. It helps reduce the ocular discharges are clear out the blurred vision in your dog’s eye. 


Carrots are a source of beta carotenes. These carotenoids are necessary for night vision in animals. Beta carotene is the precursor for Vitamin A synthesis, and Vitamin A synthesizes the eye proteins like opsin and rhodopsin.

A low supply of these nutrients leads to dryness and vision loss in your pets. Yellow carrots are also a good source of lutein. But, you cannot feed carrots to your dogs directly. Carrots are hard to chew, and there is a high risk of choking in your dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to give a calculated amount as chews and treats. 


Lutein is a vitamin commonly known as the eye vitamin. It works magically to prevent muscular degeneration and cataracts in the eye. Green vegetables like broccoli, kale, and fruits like kiwi, are rich in lutein.

It is a major component of cells in the macula and retina in the eye. These cells prevent the eye from sunlight damage. It also helps in clearing out the inflammatory cells in the eye. If your dog is not a fan of eating vegetables, it is best to provide supplements for these nutrients. Usually, it is safe to consume and works best with a high-fat diet.


Bilberry is a herb that is used in empirical medicines for centuries. They prove this herb to treat retinal degenerations and problems related to the eye lens. Bilberry is not very useful for the reversal of complete retinal damage. However, this supplementation can reverse a mild level of damage.

It also contains anti-oxidative properties. This supplement is richly present in Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision Complex Chews. These treats will not only correct the damage but also help to prevent eye diseases in your dogs. Regular use of these chews is beneficial for the eye health of your dogs.

Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision Complex Chews Review:

These supplements provide the best vision support because of rich nutrient collection all in one place. These are not only beneficial for eye problems but also reduce skin diseases. This supplement improves the immunity of your little pets.

These chews contain all essential nutrients to maintain dog eye health. These nutrients are fish oil, vitamin C, zinc, carrot extracts, lutein, and bilberry extracts. The primary functions of these nutrients are to reduce inflammation and promote the repair of eye cells.

Fish cod liver oil helps to prevent dryness and ulcerations in the cornea. It also maintains healthy skin and increases nutrient uptake in the body. Vitamin C and zinc are best to reduce inflammation in eye infections. Carrot, lutein, and bilberry extracts provide the anti-oxidative properties to repair the eye cells. 

If you want to keep your pet healthy and happy, these chews are the best way to do that. You can give 6 of these chews to your adult dog in a day. Another important use for these supplements is that they contain all nutrients in a calculated amount. Hence you don’t need to worry about the deficiencies or the excess of any nutrient.

Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision Complex Chews contain all the elements necessary for a healthy eye. It reverses the damage caused by various eye conditions like cataracts, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, keratitis, and lens damage. These chews certainly are a healthy treat for your dogs and equally beneficial for all age groups.


Canines usually face issues related to eyes and visions. These animals have delicate eyes that are prone to heat and dryness. It is necessary to provide nutrients to these animals to reduce these problems.

Eyes problems are easy to avoid if the diet of your dog is rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants. The Kinpurpetcare Clear Vision supplements contain all these nutrients in a balanced amount.

Therefore, you must use specially designed Clear Vision Complex Chews by Kinpurpetcare.

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