Like most breeds with hunting roots, dachshunds have a strong health. At least, against the background of absolutely decorative dogs. However, due to the structure of the backbone and the characteristics of the psyche and nervous system, the breed has a number of distinctive diseases, which we will tell you about.

The task of this article is not so much in the correct diagnosis (let it be done by veterinarians), but in making the owner think about the necessary prevention and maintenance of excellent pet health.

The spine

One of the most common reasons for applying to a veterinary clinic is complaints about problems with the dachshund’s back. As a rule, the symptoms appear unexpectedly: the always mobile animal, capable of taking the most intricate poses, suddenly shows anxiety, moves for a long time, shifting from place to place in search of a comfortable position. When palpating (gently and carefully feeling the vertebral column with your fingertips), the dog shows a painful place in the lower back.

Over time, the hind legs may begin to fail, the animal will not be able to control the process of urination. In some individuals, the motor activity of the paws is lost instantly, without any prerequisites.

All these signs indicate a herniated disc or a dislocation of the intervertebral discs – the most common, we can say pedigree, disease of dachshunds. The disease affects already adult animals that have crossed the threshold of five years of age. In rare cases, relatively young pets can also get sick.

Treatment is carried out exclusively as prescribed by a veterinarian after a thorough examination: checking, X-ray, collection of tests. Therapy depends on the condition of the dachshund: in some cases, it is enough to carry out treatment (massage, physiotherapy together with medications), and in others, surgical intervention is required.

The animal always has a chance to get out: sliding disc syndrome is not a verdict!

The best way to avoid the disease is prevention: strengthen the muscles of the spine by swimming in the pool or on the river, and also add useful additives to the pet’s food. You can choose Omega Fish Oil Skin and Coat Treats for Dogs, these chews will have a good effect on the overall health of your dachshund and, thanks to the high concentration of natural fats, will increase the amount of necessary lubricant. This will not allow the intervertebral discs to shift and your dachshund will not have this disease.

Osteoporosis in puppies


The second breed disease is osteoporosis, or swimmer’s syndrome. dachshund great dogThe disease occurs in many dogs, but in the case of dachshunds, the disease is registered much more often: puppies are affected at the age of one month.

The lack of a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins (in particular D) in the diet, and rare walks in the sun are predisposing factors of the disease.

The characteristic symptoms of the disease are a floating gait: the paws part and the puppy has to move on his stomach.

With proper treatment, the disease quickly regresses, the bones are restored, and the pet is not in danger of disability.

Again, the disease can be avoided by proper feeding, in which the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is balanced. It is important to find a middle ground when making a diet: overfeed-contributes to obesity, in puppies with excess weight, the chance of developing the syndrome is very high. Therefore, carefully consult with your veterinarian and select the appropriate supplement from natural chews by Kinpur.


In long-haired dachshunds, idiopathic epilepsy is relatively common, as a result of a congenital abnormality of the nervous system.

Before the attacks, the dog is very worried, does not respond to external stimuli, the muscles of the head twitch, the gait becomes shaky. Immediately after this, the animal loses consciousness, convulsions appear, and breathing is hoarse. The duration of the seizure is from a few seconds to an hour. After the attack, the dachshund is disoriented, does not recognize the owners and is in prostration.


dachshund great dogTreat epilepsy is performed with sedatives, one of them is Calming Chews Reduce Stress & Anxiety. The Calming Chews for dogs are suitable for all breeds, sizes and tempers. Only natural ingredients (Valerian root, hemp oil, chamomile extract, pasion flower and others) do not harm the body of your pet and help to reduce the feeling of fear. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and encourages your dog to chew, which in its turn helps their teeth. So the Chews are ideal for puppies, their sensitive teeth will not be harmed. The Chews strengthen the immune system and help to adapt to stress. The Calming Treats also relieve hip and joint discomfort to restore mobility and activity. The Treats for Dogs are fortified with vitamins and minerals that also help promote shinier, healthier coats.

Please do not despair if you have been diagnosed with this condition! With high-quality therapy, the pet is provided with a long and high-quality life.


This is a real scourge of the breed. Created for hunting, for a life full of activity, the urban dachshund often finds itself in a situation where its instincts remain unfulfilled. As a result, bulemia becomes second nature to the dog. In this place, you could show shocking photos of animals in the last stages of obesity, but we will not do this: there is no desire to spread the negative.

In any case, we advise you to listen to the suggestions described in the article about the nature of the modern dachshund, about the features of this breed and what it needs. There are not so many specific diseases in dachshunds, and they are all treatable, or easily prevented by proper feeding and maintenance.

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