Bladder Control

Older and spayed dogs can sometimes develop a condition called urinary incontinence in which they have no control over their bladders. They have the tendency to urinate uncontrollably. Kinpur Bladder Control Chews for Dogs is the perfect solution for your dog’s incontinence. These bladder pills for dogs will save you the trouble of cleaning up your dog’s pee in different places of the house and keep your house odor-free.

Your dog’s urinary health is very important. Kinpur Bladder Control Chews is formulated by experts and animal nutritionists to prevent urinary tract infections. It is one of the best bladder control supplements that is made with natural and finest ingredients. These dog chews come in a tasty duck flavor that will make your dog’s mouth water every time you open the jar.

Apart from improving kidney function, these healthy dog chews focus on giving your dog a better immune system and digestive health. Buying bladder support chews for dogs is a really good decision to keep your pet healthy.

Benefits of Kinpur Bladder Control Chews

  • Helps Prevents UTIs: Cranberry extract is an effective ingredient in reducing the risks of urinary tract infections. It regulates the pH of the urine and prevents the formation of crystals.
  • Natural Ingredients: Kinpur Bladder Control Chews are made from 100% natural ingredients. These bladder control chews contain no preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. D-mannose, olive leaf, and wild yam work together perfectly to relieve bladder pains and reduce inflammation.
  • A great alternative to bitter pills: Bladder control chews improve smelly breath and unhealthy gums by prevention of tartar build-up on gums and teeth. These dog chews are great in taste and act as a delicious treat while improving your dog’s urinary health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Kinpur Bladder Control Chews have any side effects?
    Kinpur Bladder Control Chews do not have side effects, even with feeding for longer periods of time. Its natural and organic ingredients make sure that your dog gets the best of canine nutrition with no artificial ingredients.

  • Can we use Bladder Control Chews with normal dog food and other supplements?
    These bladder pills for dogs can be paired with other dog supplements to give your dog better overall health(with the vet’s recommendations). Plus, you can feed them along with normal dog food but you should follow the feeding instructions written on the pack.

  • Can we feed Kinpur Bladder Control Chews to older dogs?
    Yes, you can feed these bladder control supplements to older dogs who have incontinence. These chews will help strengthen bladder muscles and prevent your dog from peeing uncontrollably all over the house.

  • Is Kinpur a B-corp?
    Yes, Kinpur is a B-corp that takes it upon itself to ensure good practices while manufacturing its products and strive for sustainability.
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