Lysine Cat Treats Immune Support 3-Pack (405 COUNT)

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  • Healthy Immune System: tasty lysine treats for cats help promote your pet’s strong immune system and respiratory health. They assist common feline health issues such as sneezing & runny nose.
  • Eye Support for Pets: our natural cat lysine treats support eye health while helping alleviate tearing & inflammation. Thus they help your cat stay joyful and see the world with clear eyes.
  • Shiny Coat and Healthy Skin: each lysine cat treat is rich in zinc, protein & b-complex vitamins for cats. Chews help maintain healthy brain function and good digestion, support skin & coat health.
  • Calcium Supplement: lysine feline chews contain a powerful blend of l-lysine and calcium to support strong bones, nails & teeth and to help promote healthy skin. They help keep your cat energetic.
  • Tastes Like a Treat: lysine supplement for cats has a chicken flavor and comes in the form of soft chews that your cat will love. Our yummy chews help promote immunity of cats of all breeds & ages.

L-lysine Imunne Cat Treats L-lysine Imunne Cat Treats L-lysine Imunne Cat Treats L-lysine Imunne Cat Treats

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