JAMES EDWARD HAVERS(🇬🇧UK) – the owner of the business, who is in charge of the Products manufacturing and their distributing (production and logistics). Makes the delivery much more comfortable, easier and faster for you!

Got any better delivery solutions or you didn’t receive your delivery? Feel Free to contact:
Phone: +44 204 577 01 72

ANASTASIIA VYNOHRADOVA(🇺🇦UA) – Tech Lead – the owner of the website, administrates and operates the entire store from inside. She helps you get the highest User Exprerience level while browsing our PET CARE Store and making purchases. All the Design, Back-end, Coding and Stripe Payments staff-lead and accounting is a part of her obligations.

Got questions about UX at the store? Feel Free to reach out:
Phone: +38 095 105 34 07

120 E STREET RD, AptF2-12 18974 WARMINSTER, Bucks, PA, United States
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