Green Lawn Chews for Dogs

You have put hours of work into getting the perfect lawn for yourself, but there are yellow spots all over the green grass. Kinpur Green Lawn Immune Treats tackles that problem effectively by improving your dog’s urinary and digestive health. It regulates the pH level of the urine and prevents the grass from turning coarse and yellow.

Make your lush lawn a conversation starter with these stay green bites. Apart from eliminating yellow spots from your lawn, these treats improve the overall health of your dog. These lawn saver pills for dogs are tasty and scrumptious. They can be used during the basic training of dogs as well.

This lawn saver pill for dogs is the ultimate dog urine, grass saver. Enriched with probiotics, it makes sure that the dog’s stool is firm and promotes the absorption of nutrients in the intestines. Kinpur Green Lawn Immune Treats are made up of 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients that are preservative and additive-free.

Benefits of Stay Green Lawn Immune Treats

  • Expert-formulated Treats: Green Lawn Immune Treats are formulated keeping in mind the digestive and urinary health of the dogs. It has the perfect blend of DL-Methionine, seaweed powder, cranberry extract, and apple cider vinegar that work in perfect harmony to reduce yellow patches in lawns.

  • For every dog breed and size: These lawn saver pills for dogs are versatile and can be fed to any type of dog.

  • Better Oral Health: Green Lawn Immune Treats soft texture, prevents the build-up of tartar, and makes sure that your dog has healthy and fresh gums.

  • Made in the USA: These stay green bites for dogs are proudly formulated and made in the US with the finest ingredients and hygienic manufacturing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Kinpur Stay Green Lawn Immune Bites have side effects?
    These 100% natural treats are do not have preservatives and artificial flavors. They are free from side effects. We advise you thoroughly read the ingredient list and root out any ingredients that your dog might be allergic to.

  2. Does dog pee kill grass?
    Dog’s urine contains nitrates. The extra nitrates can eventually kill your grass and leave a yellow patch. Therefore, Kinpur Stay Green Lawn immune treats bring down the nitrate levels in the dog’s urine to eliminate the yellow stains on your lawn.

  3. How many Kinpur Green Lawn Immune treats should I feed my 80lb dog?
    You can feed 5 of these dog pee grass saver pills to your 80lb dog per day.

  4. Is Kinpur Green Lawn Treat good for digestion?
    These lawn saver pills for dogs improve the digestive health of your dog by adding fiber from seaweed powder and an abundance of probiotics to give your dog smooth bowel movements and firmer poop.
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