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  • Stress Relief Support: our calming chews for cats help promote anxiety relief & reduce aggressive behavior like scratching, biting, peeing, trembling. Our treats help keep your cat calm & restful.
  • Help Stay Relaxed: calming cat treats support balanced behavior & a relaxed state of mind. Calming bites help ease stress during thunderstorms, traveling, separation, grooming, fireworks, vet visits.
  • Hip & Joint Health: calming oil, vitamin b, l-theanine help promote your fluffy feline hip and joint health. They support immunity, heart & brain health, help maintain strong bones and shiny coat.
  • Sleep Aid for Cats:  calming treats for cats help naturally calm your pet and provide better sleep at night, support normal nervous system by assisting cat anxiety and stress symptoms.
  • Delicious Cat Treats: our composure cat calming chews have tasty chicken flavor that will be appetizing to your pet. Soft calming cat treats help cats of any breed, size and age feel peaceful & relaxed.
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