Are you having any type of allergies because of the shedding of dogs? You will better understand how difficult it is for canine lovers to find or have a dog with their allergies. Even the persons suffering from allergies cannot visit family and friends who have a pet because it can be dangerous for them. Some breeds shed more, and some shed less, here we compiled the top 10 dog breeds that don’t shed or shed least from others.

Pet dander and shedding can provoke allergic symptoms in allergy sufferers. The shedding of dogs can cause many issues and health conditions for their owners.

Are you also unable to have a pet because of his shedding issues? If yes, then you don’t need to be worry because you are not alone. Studies have shown that an estimated 10% to 20% of the world population suffers from pet allergies, including children and adults, and looks for dogs that don’t shed.

“Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s” survey says that between 20 and 30 percent of Americans suffer from allergies because of pet shedding. Now a person who was worried and thinking that he can’t have a pet because of their shedding issues can quickly become a pet owner, but he must take some precautions, such as adopting a breed of dog that is older or totally shedding-free. Are you a dog lover? You will surely know about First Family’s Portuguese water dog, an icon for those who want a shedding-free or hypoallergenic pet. But is there any breed of canines that are genuinely “shedding free?” Science says about this is that it depends on you and your circumstances as well!

There is hope for the pet lovers suffering from such issues because there are now many breeds that shed at least are available on the market. Here we are going to discuss the top dog breeds that don’t shed or shed at least which can be a perfect match for you if you are also looking for shedding less dog:

How to choose a dog breed which doesn’t shed or shed at least?

Shedding is not something that you can just ignore, but some canines have fur or hairs that can be a source of nuisance. Are you looking for such a furry friend? Read on for the dog breeds that suit people like you!

There are plenty of breeds of dogs that are less likely to shed hair and also produce less dander; finding such a suitable dog isn’t impossible. Check out the list for some tips on how you can choose a puppy if you’re not just searching for any old pup but want one that will suit your requirements!


This is an ancient dog breed that is famous for having a special personality with its curly tail. These pets have a short coat – which means less hair in your sink or on furniture! They occasionally shed, which makes them a perfect choice since most people don’t want to vacuum every day.

Did you think that the barking-less dog never existed? Now they exist, and you can have one!

The first thing you should know about Basenjis is that there will be no smell that you may sense around other dogs. These hounds should be washed or bathed when they play or fall into the dirt – which is not often since most people think their unique bark that’s like yodel sounds like laughter instead!

American Hairless Terrier

This dog breed is adorable and intelligent ones that don’t shed, and it also makes them fun to be around. An American-based breed for people who want the furry friend experience without all of those pesky grooming chores! The American Hairless Terrier is a unique dog breed with its namesake, as its lack of hair characterizes these canines. However, there is also the variety of coated American Hairless Terrier that sheds just slightly!

Though the American Hairless Terrier breed of dog is not as so famous or popular as other breeds of dogs in this list of canine fellows that don’t shed, such as the Pug dog (which also happens to come from Louisiana), they are still the best choice for the persons that like breeds don’t shed. Plus, they’re native – that means you’ll be adopting a part of history in your home with these guys!

The terrier attitude and lack of hair make them perfect companions if shedding bothers us, but special care for keeping them safe and healthy is required.

Bedlington Terrier

The coat of this breed’s dogs resembles the insulating wool of sheep. This breed is famous for its craving attention from those persons or things who are around them. This makes this breed perfect in homes where you want everyone’s focus on one person or thing at any moment! They are also considered Canada’s oldest breed of dogs.

This is a unique breed of dog with an attractive coat whose shedding rate is almost zero. They are blessed with short and soft furs, which differentiate them from terriers which can be wiry in texture or even curly at times! So this breed is considered ideal for persons who don’t want their home covered by hair all day long but still need some protection from the elements while letting air through where it needs to go so they stay cool during hot weather without being worried about Flystrike (which posing a serious threat to animals). Their furs grow quickly, so they need grooming and clipping every week.

Bichon Frise

This breed is blessed with charm and personality! Their white coat, along with their signature curly tail, makes them easy to spot. They proved as an excellent canine companion and can get quickly in larger cities but also excelling when it comes down to either children or other furry friends on their floor (or both). If you’re looking for an affectionate pet that won’t take up much space at home, then these guys will be perfect because they are such good listeners too. You can count on them sitting right next to your chair without even being told how nice everything smells like after washing dishes by telling “good boy,” thanksgiving dinner was delicious, etc.

They are blessed with a very distinctive coat; that’s why they need so little upkeep and grooming! The time when you might want your pup brushing or trimming its hair would be during shedding season when those pesky mats form on top, but other than that, these dogs don’t require much more care – meaning it shouldn’t break out into an absolute mess like mine did every day after school.

Afghan Hound Dogs

Afghans may not be the world’s least shedding dog breed, but these dogs can be the best choice for persons suffering from pet allergies. At first, people don’t consider them as a dog breed that doesn’t shed due to their long silky hair, but actually, their frequency of shedding is negligible. Afghan hound puppies are typically born with fluffy short coats. Those changes with their age; by three years old, your pup will need regular brushing or matting to maintain its beautiful coat!

They are devoted, keen, and loyal. They have dignified looks with an air of royalty about them! Their shedding rate is low, which makes this breed great if you want something without any animal dander in it.

Coton de Tulear

This breed of dog is not famous in the US, but you will get to know one when they appear. These pups have cottony underbellies with soft coats that are famous for growing long, so they should be trimmed like babies!

They require little maintenance. They only shed on rare occasions, so their fur doesn’t demand or have to have cared for most of the time. If you want a loyal companion who won’t distract from your day at all, these pups might be a perfect fit for what you’re looking for. These happy-go-lucky animals will follow around wherever they please with ease because they love being part of whatever adventure comes next.

The pup’s personality shines through in every single detail about him: his fun, happy attitude is contagious as well; he’ll make anyone else seem like an old pro after just one meeting.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a unique animal in that it can come either hairless or covered with fur that is Powder puffs.

You know about the famous saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And with such thinking, it’s not surprising that both coated demands care and grooming regularly! Regardless of the type which you are going to adopt (or want) as your pet? This breed proved excellent companions with persons who don’t want a pet that sheds because they’re shed very low.

This fitful and amazing breed has also appeared in many movies. For example, Chinese Crested was the star of Cats & Dogs, where it played an aloof Peek; another movie featuring them is Marmaduke (starring Adam Sandler). They are relative newcomers on our list but well worth mentioning because they are so cute!

Irish Water Spaniel

This breed, with its massive size, is one of the least shedding breeds of dogs on our list. The breed dogs are really a proud and gentle giant, standing at the top of all other spaniels according to the list that was published by AKC. These energetic dogs love nothing more than playing in the water!

These dogs have a special coat that curls up and tapers to the end. They’re recognizable for their adorable rat-like tail. Although they shed so low than others, but you may need regular brushing or trimming since these pups shed seasonally, with molting occurring in late winter through early spring when it gets colder outside.

Giant Schnauzer

A giant in the world of dogs, Giant Schnauzer, is just a type among many (giant, standard, miniature) that make up this breed to be proud. A large and happy canine with loads to offer in personality traits as well!

For one thing, their coat sheds very little and doesn’t contain nearly as much dander for those with sensitive noses on board – making them fantastic pet options if you suffer from mild allergies (plus, these dogs are active)!

In addition, they’re not only friendly but also intelligent so training them won’t be too hard either; however, don

Kerry Blue Terrier

This is one of the unique dog breeds. Not only because they have an amazing coat color, but their personality makes them just as great! They can easily beat up situation that comes their way – which means you can count on this pup when it comes time to watch over your beloved ones or catch some criminals operating outside the law-abiding territory

Are you wondering that why you should care about your canine’s hair? Let me tell you; it is very important to some dog owners! But also quite surprising many pooches you will find out there who don’t shed at all or shed so low – this breed could be considered as one example of this breed type (and no pun intended)! These clever fellas are typically larger than most breeds which means more protection against the attacker, and can be good watchdogs for their owners while sleeping soundly in bed all night long without turning into furry Alert here).


Are you looking for the dog breeds that don’t shed or shed least? If so, your search ends here! Here we gathered the information about the breeds that will work very well for you if you are also suffering from allergies. But also keep in your mind that the information provided here is not comprehensive, and just because there are some breeds of the dog listed doesn’t mean they’re all perfect matches. It’s always best to do more research before making any decisions about which type of dog or breed will suit you. We hope that the knowledge about breeds of dogs that don’t shed will help you to get started in the right direction towards finding one that works perfectly for you!

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