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Dogs use their eyes to observe their surroundings very closely. Therefore, it is essential that pet dogs are able to see during day and night perfectly. This is where Kinpur Clear Vision Dog Chews come into the picture. This natural eye health supplement for dogs is a dream come true for dog owners who want to avoid future eye problems in their dogs.

These dog eye care supplements come in a tasty duck flavor that even the pickiest of dogs will love to chew on. Kinpur Clear Vision Chews for Dogs is packed with vitamins that support better vision in dogs. These eye health supplements are great for senior dogs and prevent deterioration of vision due to old age.

Kinpur Clear Vision Chews moisten the eyes of your dog and keep the retinal cells in good shape. Hence, it prevents cloudy vision and cataracts in older dogs. Your dog will be stress-free and happy after munching on these delicious chews.

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Benefits of Kinpur Clear Vision Chews 

Buying vision support chews for dogs is a great solution to support your dog's vision and keep your pet healthy. Below you will find only a small part of the benefits of our natural supplements:

  • 4-in-1 Benefits: Apart from giving your dog better vision, it assists brain development and gives your dog a shiny and smooth coat. The added DHA helps boosts immunity and decreases the chances of other diseases. All in all, these dog eye health vitamins improve your dog's overall health and mood.

  • Bang for the buck: These eye health supplements are long-lasting. For a medium-sized dog, one hundred eighty of these tasty chews per pack will last more than 60 months. These premium chews are economical and can easily be fed to multiple dogs without putting much strain on your pocket.

  • Good eye moisture and vision support: Lack of eye moisture in dogs can cause redness in the eyes and loss of vision eventually. Clear Vision Chews keep the eye moisture at optimal levels and focus on enhanced vision in dogs. Vitamin C keeps the retinal and ocular cells healthy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Kinpur Clear Vision Chews safe for older dogs?
    These dog eye health vitamins are perfectly safe for older youngs. Plus, it can also be used as a supplement for dogs that are under treatment for their eye diseases to help them recover(by the vet’s recommendation).

  2. What are the main ingredients in Clear Vision Chews?
    These antioxidant vision supplements for dogs are packed with Vitamin C, lutein, Carotene, and DHA to improve the eyesight of your dog and overall health as well. It is free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.

  3. What are the serving sizes of these chews?
    Kinpur Clear Vision Chews should be fed according to the feeding instructions written on the package. For example, a 70lb dog should be fed four chews per day for the best results.
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