Probiotics for Sensitive Stomach 3-Pack (540 COUNT)

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  • Your Dog Needs Probiotics: Probiotics, which are vital for health, may dwindle ➞ your dog needs extra help to fulfill the body with necessary microoganisms by taking Probiotic Supplement for Dogs.
  • Effective Ingredients with 30 Billion CFU’s: Pumpkin helps with dog diarrhea & constipation. Flaxseeds & Papaya help the digestive tract do its job & support a dog suffering from loose stools.
  • For Digestive Discomfort: Our Dogs Probiotics help with gas, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, & constipation. Probiotic Treats digest easily, and help absorb and utilize more nutrients from diet.
  • Extra Benefits for Overall Health: Dog Probiotics help protect against illness & fortify health. Moreover, our Chews help with allergies, itching, scratching, and bad breath due to poor digestion.
  • With Love for Your Dog: Our 180 chews are soft & delicious – your dog will definitely love & easily munch them. Perfect for all Breeds, Sizes, Ages. We will help you with any questions & information.
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Kinpur Probiotic immune treats Kinpur Probiotic immune treats Kinpur Probiotic immune treats Kinpur Probiotic immune treats

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