Are supplements really essential for homemade dog food?

We know your furry children mean the whole world to you. So, it makes sense that being a pet parent, you do everything to keep them healthy. Well, the biggest concern in making homemade dog food is nutrient deficiency. Giving a healthy and balanced diet from home-cooked dog food is actually a bit tricky.

Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs

There are various benefits of home-cooked food for dogs. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Complete control over ingredients: With homemade dog food, you can have better control on the type and quality of the ingredients. The home-cooked dog food allows you to include nutritious ingredients of your choice. You can easily control what ingredients go right into your pet’s food.
  • Great for picky-eaters: Dogs enjoy variety in their feedings. Homemade dog food recipes let you include a variety of ingredients in their daily meals. These ingredients might be raw, baked, boiled, steamed, whatever way that fits your dog’s taste.
  • Easy to avoid allergens: When preparing home-cooked food for your furry pal, you can avoid any ingredients to which your dog might be allergic or have sensitivities. By making homemade dog food, you can be assured to exclude even the slightest traces of food allergens.
  • Easy to avoid fillers and over processing: Most commercial dog food manufacturers add low cost filler ingredients in dog food bags and save money. These fillers are usually non-nutritional and just fill up your dog’s stomach. Homemade dog food recipes lack cheap fillers that are included in commercial dog food bags.
  • Freshly prepared and free of preservatives: Just like us, it is healthier for dogs to eat fresh food and fewer preservatives. All commercial dog food brands contain preservatives. Homemade dog food recipes are made with completely fresh ingredients, without any preservatives.
  • No more waste: With homemade dog food, you can safely use dog-friendly leftovers from your human food. This leads to less wastage and makes it cheaper to prepare dog meals. You can even plan your dog’s meals ahead of time and reduce cost by purchasing most ingredients in bulk.

Do Homemade Dog Food Need Supplements?

Pet parents spend a lot of time thinking about how to best care for their furry companion. Dogs generally have complex nutritional needs. It is challenging to include sufficient variety to meet those exact requirements with the homemade food you prepare yourself.

When making home-cooked dog food, it’s important that the correct supplements and vitamins are added to formulate best nutrition for your pet. The main job of supplements for homemade dog food is to maintain a healthy balance in your dog’s body. Think of it as keeping your dog’s body in good shape. To ensure that your home-cooked dog food recipe is nutritionally complete, always choose a good supplement for homemade dog food.

Pet parent tip: If your pet is sick, it’s best to seek advice from your vet before putting your furry companion on homemade dog food additives.

What Supplements to Add to Homemade Dog Food?

Most high-quality commercial kibble bags are formulated for balanced nutrition and normal growth. Homemade dog food may be missing certain vitamins and minerals your dog’s needs. For home-cooked dog food, you should try to achieve that same complete nutrition.

Dogs can easily mask nutrient deficiencies for quite a long time. You might be wondering what supplements to add to homemade dog food?

Here are some supplements for homemade dog food:

Skin and Coat Supplements

Many home cooked dog foods are Omega 3-6-9 deficient. Try including Omega 3 supplements into your dog’s diet. These homemade dog food supplements promote stronger hair follicles and are superb for a healthy coat. These dog supplements for homemade food are also effective for:

  • Healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat
  • Your dog’s immune system
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Prevention of allergies
  • Heart health
  • Overall wellness of your pet

You can keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy with Kinpurpetcare Omega Skin and Coat Treats. They’re formulated with Alaskan Salmon, Omega 3-6-9, Zinc, Biotin, and Vitamin C. The treat form makes it easy to feed your dog. These omega chews keep your dog’s skin and coat shiny, soft, and healthy.

Hip and Joint Supplements

Homemade food that you feed your dog can have a big impact on their mobility and hip and joint health. Just because your pet has been diagnosed with hip and joint problems doesn’t mean the fun is over.

These amazing homemade dog food additives  can prevent issues linked to hip and joint problems in your dog. Here are some of the benefits of inflammation hip and joint support supplements:

  • Strengthens your dog’s deteriorating joints
  • Significantly reduces pain and inflammation
  • Prevents swelling
  • Promotes the better hip and joint health.

This homemade dog food supplement combines Glucosamine, Chondroitin, oil and MSM to support your dog’s hips and joints. Plus, they are great for senior dogs that can experience bone and inflammation problems. These homemade dog food supplements let you spend more active time with your furry companion.

Multivitamin Supplements

Vitamins are one of the building blocks of your pet’s health. Dogs require vitamins in their diet as their bodies are unable to make most vitamins. Homemade dog food containing vitamin supplements ensures that your dogs are less likely to suffer from health issues.

Kinpur Pet Care offers the best multivitamin for dogs on homemade diet. You can get your pet’s vitamins on with these dog vitamins for homemade food. They include essential vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, and E, as well as other key minerals. Also, these duck-flavored soft treats are easy to chew. These vitamins for homemade dog food ensures your dogs don’t miss out on any essential nutrients. Here are some of the benefits of vitamins for dogs on homemade food:

  • Helps maintain healthy digestion
  • Improves heart  and brain function
  • Better coat condition
  • Prevents allergy
  • Supports mobility and healthy hips & joints
  • Boost the immune system
  • Supports good eye functioning
  • Improves cognitive abilities in dogs

Making the Right Choice!

Supplements for homemade dog food are there to support your pets and keep them healthy. This is precisely what kinpur supplements we have talked about do!

Together, physical and mental stimulation, homemade dog food, freshwater, and homemade dog food supplements help your dog stay happy and healthy. What matters most is that what you feed your dog must be healthy and a good match with your feeding philosophy.

If you are not sure what supplements to add to homemade dog food – we’d be happy to help! Feel free to connect with us.

Until next time everyone!

Happy Petting!

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