No Poo Probiotic Treats 3-Pack (540 COUNT)

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  • Distressing Habit: our chews are made with ingredients that naturally give poop an unpleasant taste, making them less appealing for your dog. Stop dogs from eating poop with the help of a nice treat.
  • Digestive Aid: No poo chews not only discourage the foul habit but also aid with gut health and digestion. Soft chews have ingredients that support gut flora, immune system, and optimal digestion.
  • Deters Eating Other Dogs’ Stool: chews help to stop poop eating in dogs and break down the habit of looking for and eating other dogs’ poop. Help your furry friend stay away from unhealthy habits.
  • Premium Ingredients: whatever the reason behind the nasty habit, this dog poop eating deterrent contains digestive enzymes and nutrients to support gut health and target the cause of the issue.
  • Perfect for All: our chews support dogs of all breeds and ages. No Poo chews are a great choice for all because, as pet parents, we care about your dog just like you do.
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No Poo Probiotic Treats No Poo Probiotic Treats No Poo Probiotic Treats

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